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Available Courses

Spring 2017 - Complete DSLR Photography

  • Due to popular demand the Complete course is being offered again this spring! This course combines the best of the Fundamentals as well as the Advanced DSLR Photography classes into one. This 10 week course begins with the basics of exposure and composition and pushes into advanced topics like posing and flash. Classes are held at The Shoot Space in Wilmington, NC, providing a real studio environment that enhances the learning experience over a regular classroom.

    Week 1: Meet your Camera
    Week 2: Introduction to Exposure
    Week 3: The Histogram and Depth of Field
    Week 4: Manual Exposure and Metering
    Week 5: Introduction to Editing
    Week 6: About Light, Introduction to Flash
    Week 7: Studio Lighting and Posing
    Week 8: Macro Photography
    Week 9: Capturing Movement
    Week 10: Photographic Tips and Tricks

  • Student Level: This class is geared towards the new photographer just starting out on their photographic journey, as well as the amateur who has been struggling to get understand their camera and exposure. Little to no photographic knowledge is required for this course.

  • Recommended Equipment:
    DSLR or Mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses.
    50mm F/1.8 prime lens
    TTL Speedlight (by week 6)
  • If you have any questions on equipment don't hesitate to contact us!

  • We have added a new class on Monday nights due to the Wednesday classes filling up

  • Session 1 (Monday Nights)
  • Class Dates: Monday, February 20th 2017 through Monday, May 1st 2017 (No class April 10th for Spring Break)
    Class Times: 7:00pm-9:00pm (Class meets weekly on Mondays)
  • Session 2 (Wednesday Nights)
  • Class Dates: Wednesday, February 22nd 2017 through Wednesday, May 3rd 2017 (No class April 12th for Spring Break)
    Class Times: 7:00pm-9:00pm (Class meets weekly on Wednesdays)
  • Signup for Session 1 on Monday Nights.

    Cost: $129 / 10 Week Session
    Dates: Monday 2/20/2017 - Monday 5/1/2017
    Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm

    Class Full

    For more information or to be placed on the waiting list, Contact Us.

    Signup for Session 2 on Wednesday Nights.

    Cost: $129 / 10 Week Session
    Dates: Wednesday 2/22/2017 - Wednesday 5/3/2017
    Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm

    Class Full

    For more information or to be placed on the waiting list, Contact Us.

March 4th, 2017 - Understanding Off Camera Flash

  • Are you tired of being trapped by the limitations of natural light? Are you ready to take your photography to the next level? This course is designed for the photographer who wants to begin the journey into portraiture using off camera flash. This one day course is a mix of lecture, demonstration, and hands on practice with experienced models. Using small, inexpensive, speedlight flashes this course will cover both the equipment and teach an understanding of how light works. A small class size will ensure individual mentoring during hands on portions of the course.

    Seating for this course is extremely limited. All seats are first come, first serve.

  • Student Level: Photographers taking this course should be comfortable shooting in Manual Mode. No lighting experience neccessary

  • Recommended Equipment: Two speedlights and wireless trigger system. A detailed list of recommended equipment will be provided to each student. House equipment will also be available for students who don't have their own.
  • If you have any questions on equipment don't hestitate to contact us!

  • Class Date: March 4th, 2017
    Class Time: 9AM-5PM
  • Sign up for Off Camera Flash. Cost: $149
    Student Name:
    Email Address:

Fall 2017 - Advanced DSLR Photography

  • Building on the teachings of "Basics of DSLR Photography", this 6 week course will build the student's skills through photographic learning drills as well as more difficult photo challenges/assignments. This course will take a deeper dive into several areas of photography and introduce the student to advanced topics like flash.

  • Student Level: This class is geared towards the intermediate photographer who wishes to further their craft. Student should be knowledgeable in exposure and understand the basics of composition. It is recommended that students attend "Fundementals of DSLR Photography" before taking this course.

  • Recommended Equipment: Recommended Equipment: DSLR Camera, 35mm or 50mm F/1.8 Prime Lens, TTL Speedlight.
    Recommended Software: Adobe Creative Cloud with Lightroom & Photoshop.
  • If you have any questions on equipment don't hestitate to contact us!

  • Class Dates: TBD
    Class Times: TBD
  • Cost: $99 / 6 Week Session

    Signups opening soon

    For more information or to be placed on the waiting list, Contact Us.


Dogwood Photography School's curriculum focuses on a unique approach of teaching both the technical side of photography and the creative side of photography at the same time. Many photography courses focus purely on the technical aspect of your camera, teaching you only what the settings are. Learning the rules of composition, and learning to understand why one composition has more appeal than another is the core focus of what we teach.

Small class sizes ensure you receive the best instruction possible in a positive learning atmosphere. Let us guide you through the stages of learning.

Classes are held at The Shoot Space at 5552 Carolina Beach Rd in Wilmington, NC

I begin teaching photography after a client of mine (who happens to be an art teacher in the public school system) recommended that I should give it a try. The career center was looking for someone to teach digital photography in the evenings, and after teaching the first class I was hooked.

As a self-proclaimed "Camera Nerd", I am constantly talking all things photography. I believe we all have something to give to the craft we love, and this is my way of giving back a little. Coming together as a small group and sharing knowledge makes us all a little bit smarter.

You will often find I am with my beautiful wife of twenty years, Erinn. My constant companion, and sometimes second shooter; she is an amazing photographer in her own right.